hearing aids

We partner with many companies to provide you with the most options for hearing aids & equipment along with the best quality possible.


Phonak is normally our first choice to offer for hearing aids. They have great technology and are the most affordable and simple to use. They offer many different styles of hearing aids and are always coming up with great new products.


Oticon offers amazing hearing aids and are always creating new technology to make your life easier. Their hearing aids and sleek and nice. A lot of their hearing aids have Bluetooth technology and allow you to connect to other devices. They also use an open sound optimizer in some hearing aids, which analyzes sound over 50,000 times per second, giving you the clearest sound and better understanding in conversations.


Widex offers in the ear, or behind the ear hearing aids. They have amazing technology and even more amazing design. They have Bluetooth connectivity and are app enabled. They also offer a very unique charging and drying units that in just 60 minutes, your hearing devices will be cleaned, recharged and dry for use. 


Resound is another great company. They provide simple and functional hearing aids. Also they offer hearing aids that are small so nobody can tell your wearing them, but at the same time giving you amazing sound and quality. Resound also has hearing aids that connect via Bluetooth, and use apps to easily control them.


Starkey has high quality hearing aids. They help with most types of mild to moderate hearing loss, has tinnitus masking features, and is available in a receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) style or behind-the-ear (BTE) with earmold style. Some products even have language translation & fall detection ETC.

What they all have to offer

Easy to use

All companies we work with make sure the product you get will be easy to use so that you can hear better without the stress of the technology.

Great sound quality

Our partners deliver great sound quality with hearing aids to give you a true sense of well-being and so you have a great hearing experience.

Designed to be worn daily

The hearing aids we provide are high quality and designed for comfort so that you can wear them all day everyday, even when you are sleeping.

Amazingly designed

All products our partners offer are designed to look amazing so that you can enjoy wearing hearing aids, or even have a pair designed so that nobody can see them.

New technology

The hearing aids and accessories we work with all have up to date technology allowing you to get the most out of your hearing aids. You can connect to phones, tv's and more!

Low maintenance

All hearing aids need some sort of maintenance, but the more advanced they get, the higher quality they become, but also require more maintenance. All you need to do is clean your ears regularly, remove before showers, remove battery at night, and keep away from pets and children. Your hearing aids should last many years if taken care of!

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